About us

Wallart started in 2009 as a private project but soon afterwards expanded to become a popular business to serve homes and offices.

Working with the best print shop in town, we offer very high quality Wall prints which are customized for each of you. The Wallpaper is printed according to our customer's needs; you choose the measurements and the design.

Wallart wallpaper comes with a coat of Lamination which makes it impossible for colors to fade and possible to wipe with water and soap! The wall print will last for many years.

We have a wide collection of image ideas including Disney, Cartoon Themes, Nature Scenes, Patterns, Stripes and more. Each wall mural will be customized individually.

Nothing is impossible anymore when it comes to creating your Wallmural. Let your imagination run loose and think big. Instead of a poster, decals or wallpaper border, consider using a mural.

Names, quotations or your very own personal pictures can be added in your Wallpaper design as well.